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Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009

Police kill two brother outlaws

End of the road: Members of the Counterterror Detachment 88 put into an ambulance the remains of two suspected terrorists shot dead in a mid-day raid just outside Jakarta on Friday. Another suspect was arrested.

The National Police's counterterrorism unit raided a boarding house on Friday in Ciputat, South Tangerang, killing two brothers, both suspected terrorists, based on information given by a third brother, arrested earlier.

The two slain brothers — believed to be linked to the late Malaysian-born Noordin M. Top — are believed to be Syaifudin Zuhri bin Jaelani Irsyad and Muhammad Syahrir.

National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Nanan Soekarna said the two were shot dead after throwing three homemade pipe bombs at police officers from their boarding house.

Only one of the explosives went off.

“We had to do something because they had jeopardized the operation,” he said at a press conference.

He added no police officers had been injured in the raid.

Inside the house, police found seven similar explosives, but no firearms or bomb-making materials, Nanan said.

On the suspects' identities, he said, “We need to wait for the results of the forensic unit's examination first in order to be able to confirm the deceased as Syaifudin and Syahrir.

“More complete and detailed information on the time line of the raid will be announced Monday.”

Syaifudin and Syahrir have been the subjects of a nationwide manhunt after police linked them to the July 17 bombings of the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta, in which nine people were killed and more than 50 injured.

Syaifudin is believed to have recruited suicide bombers Dani Dwi Permana and Nana Ichwan Maulana for the hotel bombings, while Syahrir was identified as one of Noordin's trusted aides.

Syahrir is believed to have helped Noordin plan out the bombings, along with Ibrohim, who was killed in police raid in Temanggung, East Java in August.

Noordin was killed during a shoot-out in Surakarta, Central Java, in September. Also killed in the September raid were bomb maker Bagus “Urwah” Budi Pranoto, Susilo alias Adit, and Aryo “Aji” Sudarso, one of Noordin’s protégés.

With most of the top terrorists on the police's wanted list now dead or in custody, analysts are pointing to a decline in terror attacks.

Nanan said police had earlier on Friday arrested a third suspect in Bekasi, West Java, identified only
as F.R.

He added the police had managed to track down the suspected terrorists to their boarding house from information they got from the suspect.

“He's been brought to the National Police headquarters for further questioning,” Nanan said.

F.R. is widely believed to be Fajar, the younger brother of Syaifudin and Syahrir. A field operative who was at the scene said the suspect was Fajar.

Several residents said they saw Fajar deliver food packages to the boarding house almost every day.
Irawan, head of the local neighborhood unit, said the two slain men had rent a room at the boarding house a week before the Idul Fitri holidays.

“These people really kept to themselves,” he said.

“They rarely hung out with the other tenants of the boarding house.”

He admitted nothing about them indicated they were terrorists.

The boarding house, consisting of 15 2-by-3-meter rooms, is located near several colleges.

One of the tenants, Baharuddin, said he did not realize his new housemates were suspected terrorists.
“One of them introduced himself as Sony, and said he was studying at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah,” he said, referring to the nearby Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University.

“His room was next to mine and it was always closed.”

Wulan, a construction worker near the raided house, told The Jakarta Post several police officers had been staking out the house since Thursday.

“When asked, they said they were looking for a gang of motorcycle thieves,” he said

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